Designed with passion, paying attention to details. the perfect fit for your Dumbbell Pépin 
Compact design, work perfectly with PRO and HD series dumbbells
Engraved screws patern to assembled/ diasembled your dumbbells easily

- Height can be adjusted from 24.25'' to 26.50''
- Sturdy and compact design / 18x26''
- Laser cutted logo
- UHMW top plate protection ( with engraved screws partern )
- Storage for weight plates/ screws and handles ( 4 pegs ) optional 6 pegs

-Powder coat paint

- EZ bar hooks ( optional )
-Each pegs hold up to 6x10lbs plates 


100% made in Canada 

*Let us know which screws you are using ( old design with stickers or new design with engraved logo) *